TALL Tales

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What's This All About?

About Me

My name is Sarah and I've been a programmer for a long time. I started using PHP a while ago but I wasn't keen on how messy it can be (especially coming from .NET) so I looked around for something to sort it out and came across PHP frameworks and in particular Laravel. I chose to focus on Laravel due to the extensive resources and excellent community.

Through various courses (mostly on Laracasts) I recently came across Tailwind, Alpine and Livewire. I liked the look of all of them so now I've decided that that particular stack is where I am going to focus.

About this Site

This site is to help me and anyone else learning the TALL stack. It's meant to be a repository of the errors that I inevitably come across and how to fix them, as well as snippets and tutorials of how to do certain things that I know I'll need again and again. I hope it is useful for anyone who comes across the same issues I do.

The code won't be perfect and it probably won't be the best/correct way of doing things, but I'm learning so I don't expect it to be. If you see something that is badly wrong then please let me know, but in a helpful way!

Architecture and Hosting

This site is built on the TALL stack and it's very basic but as I learn I want to add functionality. At the minute it is Laravel 8 with Breeze built with Tailwind and a touch of AlpineJS, the Livewire will come later (I'm still going through the basics with help from the excellent screencasts on the official site).

The site has a few static pages on the front end and blog posts powered by a CMS on the back end.

All the code is developed locally using VS Code and pushed to a GitHub repository. From there is automatically gets pulled in by Forge to my account on there utilising a Digital Ocean server.


If you'd like to help me continue writing these posts on here and developing Open Source projects then please consider becoming a sponsor.

Check out my sponsorship page on GitHub for more details. Thank you.