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The latest Posts on learning Laravel, Alpine, Tailwind and Livewire.

Laravel ERROR

Issues Upgrading to Laravel 9

Solving an issue with Trusted Proxies when moving from an early Laravel 8 to Laravel 9



Issues Upgrading to Tailwind 3

If you get a Tailwind CSS: Cannot read property '500' of undefined error or the ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency tree error then here's how to fix it.



How to Add Colours to your Tailwind Palette

Most of the time the default Tailwind colour palette will be enough for your project but sometimes you'll want to add your own colours, this is how.


Laravel TIP

How to Use a Named Route in a Blade View

This short tip shows you how to use Named Routes in your Blade Views.



How to Create Blade Heading Components with Tailwind

Tailwind is perfect along side Blade Components, this is a short tutorial of how to create and use them uses the Heading tags e.g. <h1> as an example.



Adding a Custom Error Page in Laravel

Laravel comes with a basic error page but sometimes it's nice to use your own, here's how.


Currently Learning

PHP Package Development

I've just started as co-maintainer of the Astrotomic open source packages with help & support from Tom Witkowski.

To aid with that and to further my knowledge I'm currently doing the Beyond Code PHP Package Development course.

Laravel 8 from Scratch

The from Scratch courses at Laracasts are always excellent. I like to do them whenever a new one comes out in order to make sure I haven't missed anything new and also to remind myself of what I should be doing!


If you'd like to help me continue writing these posts on here and developing Open Source projects then please consider becoming a sponsor.

Check out my sponsorship page on GitHub for more details. Thank you.