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Useful Resources

Resources for learning Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel and Livewire. They are separated into subject areas rather than resource type so you may see some duplicates. Some links are affiliates and help keep this site running.

Laravel is now a big ecosystem with a massive community and has far too many resources for me to list here. So I've kept it short to the official links and the places that have, so far, helped me the most.

Official Laravel Site
The first place to start when learning Laravel and always the place to go back to.
Laracasts is probably the official course site for Laravel. If you're not sure about signing up straight away then there are a few free courses for you to try. It is definitely worth signing up for though. The forum is also one of the best places to go for help without any judgement.
Educational resources for learning Laravel (among other things).
Blade UI Kit
Free Blade components.
Laravel News
One of the few newsletters that I actually read. Also has tutorials and information about Laravel packages.

The growth of Tailwind is quite extroadinary and so many people have taken in on board and developed components and resources for it. So many that it would be difficult to list them all here. So I've stuck with the main links and repositiories of other sites as well as a few direct links that I've found the most useful.

Official Tailwind Site
The first place to start when learning Tailwind and always the place to go back to.
Tailwind Playground
The makers of Tailwind have created a playground where you can test the Tailwind elements.
Official Tailwind Components
Not free and not cheap but it is a great resource if you can afford it. There are some free examples that you can use here.
Kitwind Tailwind Components
If you can't afford the official components then try this free UI kit.
Beginner Tailwind Course
This is a great course to learn Tailwind (I've done it) and it also goes over CSS in general too. It has lots of examples that you build in CodePen so you can keep going back to them when you're done as well as a whole one page site. Chris has lots of other courses too.
Laracasts Tailwind Courses
At the time of writing Laracasts has two courses for Tailwind. Build a Video Game Aggregator and Rebuild GitHub with Tailwind. I haven't tried the GitHub one yet but the Video Games one is excellent.
Tailwind Colour Chart
Tailwind now has a larger colour palette and this site shows all the colours together so you can see them all in one go. Useful for working out your colour matches and designs.
Built With Tailwind
If you want to see some examples of sites built with Tailwind then this is the place to go.
More Tailwind Stuff
For a ton of other links to Tailwind information and goodies, try the Awesome Tailwind Github repo.

Alpine is pretty new for me but it seems like the kind of Javascript I'd want to learn: simple and straightforward.

Official AlpineJS Site
The first place to start, this shows you how to download, install and use Alpine.
Laracasts Alpine Courses
Laracasts has a few Alpine courses to get into how it all works.
Alpine Toolbox
If you're a bit stuck and need some help or inspiration then this list of resources is really useful.

Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without leaving the comfort of Laravel.

Official Laravel Livewire Site
The first place to start when learning Laravel Livewire and always the place to go back to.
Laracasts Livewire Courses
Laracasts has a few Livewire courses to get into how it all works.
Livewire Beginner Course
Livewire Beginner Course Video Course on YouTube by AngelJay Academy.