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Building a Site with Filament: Part 1 - Installation & Set-up

25 Oct, 2022

I'm building a new site which I hope to be a Blog and Shop. I'm going to use Filament for the admin area. Filament is a great admin panel and really easy to use but as with most things, it takes a while to get into it.

So, I'm going to write Posts where I go over each step that I do to get a working site.

Firstly, I've followed the instructions in Ryan Chandler's excellent introduction to getting a Filament admin panel up and running: https://blog.rpillz.com/making-magic-with-laravel-filament-admin

This gives me a brand new Laravel application with Breeze installed. Then we install Filament and add a Users section to the admin panel. A few tweaks to the layout and we're done.

Then it's all about building up the rest. Next up, is the Blog page.